Public and Private Community Development Organizations

We help community development organizations make a larger social impact.

With a focus on improving staff capacity to innovate, implement and measure, V. Woods Enterprises helps organizations spur community revitalization through affordable housing, job creation and local business growth. Our strategic advisory and training offerings help clients make smarter investments, define programs and organizational needs of the future, and measure outcomes for key public and private sector investors.

Do these challenges sound familiar:

  1. The economic environment has changed dramatically since your last strategic plan and your organization lacks consensus on how to move forward. With a delay to address the change, you risk the new opportunities for funding, strategic partners, and business models disappearing before your eyes. Wait too long, you are now in a position that threatens your competitive position and even your organization’s viability.
  2. You do great work but your current metrics don’t tell the full story. ─ Despite the heightened focus on measuring outcomes by grantors and board members, your staff still struggles to organize data to demonstrate progress against your mission. Hampered by manual processes, you are left to guess whether you have made the right internal resource allocation decisions to execute your vision. More frighteningly, you cannot justify your increasing need for higher levels of investment for a greater social impact.