How I Work

We help organizations gain insight, drive change, and get results.

V. Woods Enterprises organizations move their visions for real estate and economic  development from idea to results. We work side by side with client leadership teams to define project scopes, evaluate risks/opportunities, and identify critical resources for implementation. We provide insight on a variety of planning projects from site evaluation to overall strategy.

Through a network of seasoned consultants, the firm serves clients throughout the U.S. within the nonprofit, government and corporate sectors.

Through our proprietary Ready AIM Grow™ Process, V. Woods Enterprises has a variety of services to give you the insights, tools, and support to think about “what’s next” to achieve transformational results.

V. Woods Enterprises can help you:

Assess Opportunities and Infrastructure

  • Evaluate market needs. We can analyze whether your vision matches the actual demands of the community to attract financial and stakeholder support.
  • Investigate new revenue strategies. We will help you assess the feasibility of new business models and options for creative financing to strengthen the economic viability of individual projects and the overall organization.
  • Identify ways to offer more value. We help you think about what you should stop doing, scale, or change to maximize community impact.

Implement Your Plan

  • Connect resources together.  We can help you connect with resources (business enterprises, nonprofits, and other stakeholders) which can increase your implementation success.
  • Get support to complete implementation. We will guide you through the implementation phase to get your project done.
  • Empower your team to collaborate more effectively. We will help you facilitate team discussions to increase the effectiveness of planning activities to identify goals and action plan.

Measure and Communicate Performance

  • Reduce risk of repeating implementation mistakes by developing benchmarks to track results early.
  • Communicate project risks and outcomes to internal and external stakeholders.

What makes us unique?

  • Team has over 20 years of experience with strategic implementation, including evaluation and launch of new business models, programs, and markets.
  • Knowledge of best practices in technology development and business process redesign.
  • Experience with designing change management communication strategies, including stakeholder outreach
  • Multi-disciplined experience within a network of consultants, including Marketing, Operations, Human Resources, and Finance.

Core Services Areas include:

  • Market Analysis:  We advise on how to evaluate strategic alternatives to achieve an organization’s growth objectives including: Real Estate Market Analysis, Feasibility Analysis, New Opportunity Assessment, Diverse Supplier Strategy, Market Research, Neighborhood Needs Assessment, and Other Due Diligence.
  • Strategic Planning:  We recommend strategies to improve operational efficiencies including: Strategic and Business Plan Development, Change Management, Process Redesign, Technology Selection and Implementation, Diverse Supplier Matching, Project Management.
  • Marketing Strategy:  We advise on how to develop outreach campaigns for internal and external stakeholders including: Crisis Management Communications, Business Database Management, Multi-Channel Marketing Campaign Strategy, Community Engagement.

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