• As a new Executive Director, I inherited an organization that had been more focused on the day-to-day fire drills rather than thinking strategically. With a mandate from funders to share an updated strategic plan, I hired Veronica to help position my organization for larger projects and grant opportunities. She facilitated our strategic planning process in a way that enabled me to secure buy-in from our board members. She pushed us to develop stretch goals while creating a plan that would be actionable, not just sit on a shelf. I would highly recommend Veronica to help other non-profits in strategic planning.

    Kim O’Neale
    Executive DirectorLower East Side Coalition Housing Development

  • When I engaged V. Woods Enterprises , I had a number of opportunities to launch new initiatives to significantly grow my business. However, I lacked a go-to person who could hear my vision and map out a plan to get things done. I needed an experienced leader to drive my marketing strategy while supervising day-to-day campaigns on a part-time basis. Veronica jumped in to implement strategies to improve membership conversions, develop new internal sales tools, and launch new services. I have been able to implement my initiatives faster to drive real value for my organization. I would highly recommend Veronica’s services for any company looking to accelerate their success.

    Kenneth Beck
    CEOCEO Connection

  • As a leader of a global outsourcing project, I had to implement a strategy that meant significant change to our organization in a very short time period. I hired Veronica to help translate our high-level strategy into an actionable project plan. To keep the project on schedule, Veronica helped us to evaluate implementation and vendor contract alternatives, in the midst of several organization changes and business uncertainty. In addition, I found her help invaluable when crafting the executive level communications to explain and gain approval for key business decisions. Her leadership abilities enabled me to devote critical transition time on-location with our offshore outsourcing partner while still achieving key project milestones.

    Ken Murphy
    Vice President, Video ContentRovi Corporation

  • One of my largest clients requested a plan to show how I could handle a larger volume of work. With my schedule jammed with troubleshooting challenges in the field and back office, I had no time to develop a strategic plan that reflected my vision for my company. I hired Veronica to assess my back office workflow and help recommend a more streamlined infrastructure that would instill more confidence in my capacity from this current as well as future clients. The resulting client presentation impressed my client and opened the door to some new revenue opportunities. Veronica has been a valuable sounding board for me to think more strategically about how I can grow my business.

    Joe Hill
    CEOHill Investments

  • Woods’s consultations helped change my perspective on community-based marketing strategy. Her insights on developing community-based public awareness campaigns and distribution methods were vital in ensuring that communities respond favorably to our messaging – and in meeting our program goals for the year.

    Dionna Walters
    Program DirectorNY Teen Health Program

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