About Veronica


I call myself a connector of people and resources.

Throughout my professional career, I have helped visionary leaders map out solid plans to ensure results.  I thrive on the challenge of determining how to shape an idea in black and white, evaluating what-ifs, and identifying resources to make plans become a success.

Grounded in a business education with an M.B.A. in Finance from The Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania and a B.A. in Economics from Northwestern University, I began my career in Corporate America.

During my over 15-year corporate career, I brought high-level strategies to life that originated as PowerPoint presentations. I developed budgets, designed software requirements, drafted legal language, and ran marketing campaigns to support multi-million-dollar solution launches that targeted small business owners.

When I decided to pursue entrepreneurship, my goal was to share the best practices of implementation with small business owners. Through my work as a consultant and trainer, I helped hundreds of small business owners in cities, like New York, Philadelphia, and Las Vegas to create business plans and develop new community networks to better market their services. I also wrote the book, The A-List Salon: Insider Secrets of How Profitable Salons Wow Their Clients Every Day.

As I worked with small business owners, I learned more about the financial resources and trainings available at the local, state and federal government levels. I also saw how positive housing development and preservation initiatives strengthened the local consumer base and growth outlook.

Eventually, I began to advise the organizations in pursuit of attracting more real estate and economic development to revitalize communities. In addition to my consulting practice, I work with investors who want to build real estate portfolios in these areas in the midst of transition through Daniel Woods Real Estate Company.

My corporate background has also allowed me to identify and structure viable “triple bottom-line” opportunities. As “social impact” became a good business practice rather than just a buzzword, I worked with a mid-market membership organization to promote programs that fostered public/private partnerships.

Shaping stronger communities has always been a part of my DNA. My community leadership résumé includes co-founding the Seven Roses Legacy Foundation, serving on the board for over ten years for Harlem United Community Health Center, and volunteering with the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship. I continue to donate my expertise and financial resources to organizations that support youth empowerment in urban communities.

I am also a life member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc.


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