Winning By Giving Clients More Integrated Solutions

Blog 5-21-14Is the thought of an “integrated solution” like hoping for a visit from Santa Claus these days? Many companies in industries like real estate, leave clients with incomplete solutions. Despite having clients with limited time and/or skills, many solution providers force their clients to become mini-project managers, coordinating the appropriate team of specialized resources to get the expected results. If you frequently hear clients complaining about the overall process (for example, selling a house) beyond the services that your business currently provides, you may want to challenge the status quo like Kindred Healthcare. This $5 Billion healthcare company has earned most of its sales from managing nursing homes and rehab centers. Now, Kindred is also pursuing a strategy to offer larger scale comprehensive at-home services.

Takeaway: Don’t cut off growth opportunities by defining the label for your business too narrowly. Is there is a high unmet customer need immediately outside the line where your existing service begins today? Does your company sometimes cross this line anyway for a good client? Is there a larger economic trend driving the demand for the service beyond your current services? ┬áIf so, you probably have enough justification to explore whether you should create a more formal offer to provide this service. Calculate how much additional revenue this could mean for your business. Keep in mind, you may have to provide more education in your sales process about what it can look like when the overall process works well. This will help you demonstrate the value of hiring you for a more seamless and integrated experience.